Snoopy’s quote was so deep – Part 1: Snoopy’s Quotes

Snoopy with long ears hanging down and lying on a red roof is impressive. Beagle dogs appearing together with close friends drawn in the comic book “Peanuts” have become very humane and loved around the world. In this issue, we will introduce some of the most memorable quotes of Snoopy and his friends.

In this article, let's talk about some Snoopy Quotes first.

Snoopy and friends quotes from Peanuts

Snoopy is a Beagle dog owned by Charlie Brown in a comic. Woodstock, a yellow creature that is always nearby, is my best friend. In addition, Charlie Brown’s sister Sally, a little mean Lucy, Lucy’s brother Linus, a cheerful girl who loves baseball Peppermint Patty, Lucy and Linus’s brother Relan, Peppermint Patty’s best friend Mercy, etc. Philosophical content is included in comical stories. The thoughts and ideas that appear there are attracting attention as quotes.

Snoopy Quotes


“I want to say that life on this planet could disappear one day …”

Words from the imaginative beagle dog Snoopy. Even if it is a repetitive day, it is a saying that will gently tell you how valuable and important one day is. Things with life will come to an end someday. But I don’t know when. That’s why I want to send every day without regret.

“Sometimes, I’m stunned, doing too stupid things!”

Everyone has an event that makes them embarrassed when they remember, and behaviors that they regret later. There are times when you fall into self-hatred if you are not the only one. At that time, please recall Snoopy’s words. Doesn’t it feel a little fine if you think it’s a trivial thing that can happen to anyone?

“I choose my friends myself.”

As you get older, it can become difficult to get along with people. You may be swept around or misled by your title. However, the friends that do so will not bite somewhere and will eventually get tired. Regardless of what people around you say, those who are important to you want to believe in your sensitivity and choose. It is a quote that reminds me of such important things that I tend to forget.

“Don’t go! Don’t leave it alone!”

Snoopy’s narcissistic and sometimes harsh words are unusual. This is what Snoopy said to his owner, Charlie Brown. Because Snoopy is always mature, you’ll always be in love.

“Do you know that humans fall in love, do you know, when you fall in love, the world looks completely different! The sky is bluer … grass is greener and birds’ songs are sweeter …”

From the moment you fall in love with someone, everyday things that seemed tiny before may suddenly change color. It is a quote that expresses the excitement of being in love.

“It takes courage to sail the sea that is not on the chart …”

Snoopy is always confident but sometimes bearish. These words represent such an aspect. When you try something new, you often get anxious about it. Also, the sea without charts may represent life itself. It is a quote that expresses such invisible fear.

“Even though there are great ideas for feature-length novels, all good titles are used.”

Sometimes Snoopy writes novels. Even though a good idea came up, a good title for it seems to have been used. Even if you think that you could produce a wonderful idea or a novel idea, there are people who have already found that they already existed when they looked up on the Internet.

“Spikes are aggressive.”

Spike, Snoopy’s older brother, has a hat trademark. He has an episode in which he put his hat in the time capsule but quickly dug it out of the cold. Here is Snoopy’s impression of hearing it.

“Even if you think about the same thing, the answer will be different at 3 o’clock in the night and the next day at noon.”

Even with the same troubles and thoughts, you can get a completely different impression between day and night. Especially in the middle of the night, many people think negatively and think hard. In such a case, you may leave your thoughts and think again in the daytime and you may come up with a solution.

“ Those who fall in love lie! ‘’

Bargaining is inevitable. You can just look good and lie in front of your favorite people. You may regret it later. But such a lie could be a good thing.

“ Sorry for someone who has to win everything! ‘’

This is what Snoopy said to his best friend, Woodstock. He felt sorry that he inflated the balloon gum more than himself, and he seemed to be stronger. It is such a word, but it is also a quote that I would like to give to those who do their best. I don’t want to lose anything! It is important to have the feeling and ambitiousness, but when it becomes stressful, it falls over. As a result, have you ever been lethargic if it was too much work to do? In such a case, it might be good to remember these words and relax your shoulders a little.

“I can’t tell you how much you love, my beloved. Let’s stop!”

Because love is invisible, many people may feel uneasy if they do not use words. But what can’t be conveyed in words is love. Isn’t it important to convey love not only with words but also with facial expressions and actions?

“That’s right. Sleeping is also very important.”

When you are busy every day, you often have to cut down on your sleep. But, of course, it is a reminder that sleeping is very important.

“Love is just a matter of disaster.

This is what Snoopy was thinking about a new love he’s going to meet when he fell off the roof. The power of love is so powerful that even thinking about it can make your surroundings invisible. Love is wonderful, but you need to be careful not to get too engrossed.

“Learn from yesterday, live today, expect tomorrow. Let’s rest this afternoon.”

This word quotes Einstein’s quote, “Learning from yesterday, living today, expecting tomorrow.” But Snoopy continues to say, “Let’s rest this afternoon.” It is good to live that day carefully, but it is also important not to be overly concerned. It might be good to relax your shoulders like Snoopy and go at your own pace.

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