Snoopy dog ​​has vivid come back on big-screen

“The Peanuts Movie” succeeds in recreating Charles Schulz’s adorable characters with cutting-edge 3D technology, while at the same time maintaining the classic characters.

First appearing in the form of short comics published in the daily newspaper on October 2, 1950, the characters of the Peanuts comic book series still possess a strong vitality. The proof is that Snoopy dog ​​and friends every year still bring to Iconix – the brand development unit joint venture with the heir of Charles M. Schulz, more than 100 million USD.

Peanuts’ characters appear everywhere, from advertising to insurance companies, Hallmark cards, to NASA’s Apollo space exploration program. In the US, special episode A Charlie Brown Christmas aired on ABC channel on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the record-setting viewership. By the time the brand turned 50 years old, the audience was even larger than trendy shows like The X Factor or Survivor.

The popularity of the character group and the original make the film adaptation project The Peanuts Movie both an opportunity and a great challenge for animation studio Blue Sky Studios. It is feared that the work could be a disaster, disappointing for fans, especially when the rustic, lovely hand-drawn strokes are now replaced by advanced 3D graphics technology. However, Blue Sky Studios did not disappoint the fans, trying to maintain the classic characteristics inherent to Peanuts.

The Peanuts Movie content is quite simple, suitable for all audiences, with two familiar protagonists, Charlie Brown and Snoopy -

The Peanuts Movie revolves around the story of Charlie Brown – a shy, clumsy boy, often mocked by his friends for his “bumpy” attitude. He has a best friend Snoopy the little dog. In contrast to Charlie Brown, Snoopy is energetic, energetic, often imagining himself as a pilot during World War I.

The story begins when a new neighbor moves in opposite Charlie Brown’s house, and the boy’s class has a friend named Red-haired girl. At first glance, Charlie Brown has a crush on her. He began looking for ways to improve his self-worth to impress the person he dreamed of.

The content of The Peanuts Movie is very simple and easy to follow for both children and parents. Told from the childhood perspective of the girls, the young boy, the plot is gentle, lovely, but no less interesting, humorous. The audience will be excited to watch the process of the backward little Charlie Brown, unlucky to find ways to stand out, impress the new friend he loves.

The film gives the audience a gentle message about continuous effort and confidence in yourself. Charlie Brown is shy but always tries in all stories, honest and willing to sacrifice for others. Despite many failures, all his efforts are ultimately rewarded through recognition of friends.

Besides the story of Charlie Brown, it is impossible not to mention the Snoopy dog’s storyline. If Charlie Brown tries to impress the Redhead, Snoopy imagines him as a talented World War I pilot, chasing the beautiful dog pilot Fifi, and confronting him. to the enemy who did not wait for the heavens to be the Red Baron of the German air force. Snoopy’s storyline is completely different from Charlie’s storyline, with the dramatic pursuit, dogfight, partly to speed up the tempo of The Peanuts Movie.

However, The Peanuts Movie not only talks about Charlie Brown and Snoopy but also introduces the full range of comic book characters. The audience had the opportunity to meet Lucy hotly with a 5-cent psychological counseling counter, the mischievous little sister Sally, the shy Marcie, the quick, fast Patty, until the gentle, psycho friend Linus, Or Schroeder for Beethoven …

The film is also very subtle when minimizing the appearance of “adult” characters. They were not directly present, and the voice part was only expressed by distorted sounds. That helps The Peanuts Movie retains the spirit of the original: all are child stories revolving around children, under the innocent view of the children themselves.

The Peanuts Movie is from Blue Sky Studios, the studio behind the famous animation works like Ice Age or Rio. Not surprisingly, the film comes in bright, bright colors. Create 3D images of characters that are new, lovely, and loyal to the original comics when the frames are quite rustic, and the character movement is not as smooth as the works of the same genre at the same time.

In addition, a series of effects commonly used in comics such as wind, dialog … are also put on the film manufacturer. All to help The Peanuts Movie owns the image and movement like a work done manually by the stop-motion method, closer to the original. The only drawback of The Peanuts Movie probably comes from the fact that Blue Sky Studios has created a work that is too safe, without much creativity needed.

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