About Snoopy Brothers Family

Snoopy’s family of popular characters is introduced together! Snoopy has been loved for a long time, as the movie “I LOVE Snoopy THE PEANUTS MOVIE” was released on December 4, 2015. There were such family and brothers who were worried about them.

About Snoopy

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As you may know, Snoopy’s origin is Charles Schultz’s manga “Peanuts”, which began to appear in the American newspaper in 1950.

Snoopy was initially just one of the main characters of the Peanuts, Charlie Brown’s pet dog, the Beagle, but has since been animated and become more popular.

This time, I would like to introduce you to the little-known Snoopy brothers and family.


Spike, whose hat and mustache is a trademark, is Snoopy’s older brother, a real estate agent living in the wilderness desert near Needles, California. He loves loneliness and soon goes on a wandering journey.

He sometimes talks to the cactus Joe and the rocks when he’s lonely (Spike is a cactus rally, chairman of the Cactus Club) and writes a letter to Snoopy, his closest friend.

In the past, humans have kept them as hounds.

Spike’s pride is that he met Mickey Mouse when he went to Hollywood and got shoes.

Actually, it is also a character that can understand the words of Woodstock other than Snoopy.

In the past, she had run down with a Snoopy fiance.


The plumpest Snoopy brother is Olaf, Snoopy’s brother.

I don’t think I’m fat enough to be “fluffy”, but I have a disgraceful history of winning an “ugly dog ​​contest”.

Like Snoopy, I hate coconut, and my favorite food is cookies. He is a good friend of Andy and he often travels with him.

My special skill is to put a pot on my mouth and make a sound.


Snoopy’s younger sister, Bell, is a cute girl with plump eyes and long eyelashes.

A mom with a child who lives in Kansas. The exact past is not disclosed, but a letter sent to Snoopy reveals that he had a past with a yakuza dog.


Andy is the most similar to Snoopy in Snoopy’s brothers.

I often go out on a trip to find a spike with my good friend Olaf, but she is a little unreliable because she loses her way soon because of her poor sense of direction.

She was taken away as a domestic dog by a strange girl along the way and was rescued by Olaf.


Marbles is known for Snoopy’s younger brother.

He couldn’t understand Snoopy’s disguise, and his personality didn’t suit him, so he went on a wandering journey and was unknown.

When Lucy rushed into his trademark sneakers, he argued that “that big mouse also wears gloves.”


A character that appeared in the 1992 TV special “Snoopy’s Reunion”. Appears as a Snoopy brother, but does not exist in the original Peanuts.


Like the Rover, this character appeared in the 1992 TV special Snoopy’s Reunion and did not appear in the original Peanuts.


Missy is the mother of Snoopy and his brothers. She lives in Paris and has a fax machine. Missy was first revealed in anime.

Snoopy’s father

Happy Father’s Day!

Whitebeard is a trademark, he is the father of Snoopy and his brothers. After retirement, she lives in Florida.

Bell’s son

Bell teenage son. It is characterized by a slender and slender body so that it can be described as Snoopy to Pink Panther.

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