10 things you don’t know about Snoopy

Snoopy is a very popular character that everyone knows. Especially in Japan, there are many people who are healed by their lovely appearance. Originally Snoopy appeared from the cartoon called “Peanuts”, overseas sites introduce episodes including the secret story of birth. You may become more and more fan!? Here are some backstories.

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1. Snoopy’s creator Schultz was originally a cartoonist

Born in a barbershop in Minnesota, Schultz dreamed of becoming a manga artist from a young age.

At school, Schultz was hardly flattering, but his talent for painting was Pikaichi, and at the age of 15, he created a dog character that could be considered the prototype of Snoopy. However, after that, even if you send a manga to a publisher, the days of hardship continue.

2.Schultz hated the title “Peanuts”

Despite his hardship, in 1947, Schultz finally had a series in a local newspaper called L’il Folks. Popular characters such as Charlie Brown were born from L’il Folks. However, selling the copyright to another newspaper changed its name as “peanut” due to copyright issues.

In English, peanuts mean “boring, tiny” and Schultz wanted to make the title “Good Old Charlie Brown”.

3.Hit took time

The popular manga “Peanuts” that everyone knows now, but at the beginning of the series, it was only serialized in seven newspapers. In addition, the evaluation was not good for the first year.

However, as the book was reprinted, the number of fans gradually increased, and it has become a loved one around the world. It is now serialized in 2,400 newspapers in 75 countries and regions.

4. Snoopy’s birthday is August 10, 1968!

Snoopy’s birthday is known from the date of the comic. August 10, 1968. An episode celebrating Snoopy’s birthday was published in eight American newspapers on the same date.

There was an episode celebrating Snoopy’s birthday before this in Peanuts, which was serialized for a long time, and until recently, it was impossible to determine the birthday, but in August 2011, The official birthday was set by the right holder and confirmed.

5. Snoopy was a different name at first! ?

There are many characters in Peanuts, and it has been announced that many of them have real models.

Snoopy is modeled after a spike of a dog that he had in the past. Originally it was supposed to be called Sniffy, but it was changed because it was discovered that there was a cartoon with a dog of the same name.

6.Charlie Brown’s Christmas worst-hit rating

The first-anniversary animation of Peanuts, “Charlie Brown’s Christmas”, has become an indispensable part of Christmas now, but at the stage of production, there is less laughter, and the background music slows down the story because of jazz There were only negative reactions.

However, when I actually opened the lid, it won an Emmy Award and was still a beloved work.

7.Snoopy has flown to space

NASA, who was working on the Apollo program, asked Schultz to “use Snoopy as a symbol of security.” Apollo 1 had a catastrophic astronaut death.

Schultz agrees and creates the Silver Snoopy Award, which recognizes people and organizations that have contributed to space development. Apollo 10 was launched as a rehearsal for Apollo 11, which landed on the moon. The commander was named Charlie Brown and the lunar lander was named Snoopy.

The first anime character to see the universe was Snoopy.

8.Schultz was a World War II soldier

During World War II, Schultz joined the U.S. Army and was assigned to machine gun units to fight in Germany. The experience at this time seems to have influenced the manga as well, depicting the Veterans Day and Memorial Day.

9.The great author died with the final episode

Schultz, who announced his retirement in 1999 with colorectal cancer, died on February 12, 2000. That day was the day before the last episode of “Peanuts” was posted.

For half a century, his life of drawing Snoopy with his own hands ended with peanuts.

10. Snoopy Museum will open from 2016!!

After Schultz’s death, a museum was set up in the Sonomakas, where he spent most of his life. At present, Snoopy has a special exhibition at famous museums such as the Louvre and Smithsonian.

In 2016, a special Snoopy museum called “Snoopy Museum” was established in Roppongi, Japan. Exhibitions are also held every six months, so you can see valuable original peanuts. Good news for fans. However, please note that this museum is for a limited time until September 2018!

Snoopy and other peanut friends will continue to be loved by people around the world.

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